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Download Yahoo Account Creator, Pembuat Akun Yahoo - Gratis

Download Yahoo Account Creator, Pembuat Akun Yahoo - Gratis - Hallo selamat pagi sobat raseco semua, apa kabar hari ini? setelah liburan 3 hari semoga masih tetap semangat ya menjalani hari ini.
Pagi ini raseco akan share sebuah software untuk membuat akun yahoo secara otomatis, namanya Yahoo Account Creator / AccountMaster yang dibuat oleh spinnerchief.

Berikut informasi yang ane terima dari sang pembuatnya:
We are writing to tell about our latest software - AccountMaster, and it's FREE!

Load up your proxies, set your email account data, and away you go!

Currently Accountmaster only creates Yahoo Accounts, but we will add more platforms according to user requests. AccountMaster does not use threads, it uses multiple browsers - each browser is assigned a different proxy, and because AccountMaster is using real browsers, it can imitate the action of a human, thus making successful, strong accounts.
If you don't have proxies, please use the link in the software to get the proxies that we recommend.

You can enter you captchas manually, or sign up for our captcha service at crackcaptcha.com - we have been working with this captcha team for 4 years. Input quality is very high, we monitor the team for accuracy every day, there is no OCR software involved, which means that your accounts will be created faster, and will be much stronger than the accounts that are generally available for sale these days.

Cost of captchas - $1.70 per 1k.

AccountMaster is fully operational, it is not limited in any way, and it is FREE!

Download Yahoo Account Creator, Pembuat Akun Yahoo - Gratis disini [direct download], no ads, no adf.ly

Berikut SS nya:
Download Yahoo Account Creator, Pembuat Akun Yahoo - Gratis

Beberapa antivirus mendeteksi file accountmaster.exe membawa virus, namun dari antivirus yang ane pake (Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 yang update setiap hari) tidak terdeteksi virus.

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